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Vanguard leather jackets

Vanguard’s luxurious leather jackets are made of beautiful materials such as sheepskin. Therefore, the jackets offer you an excellent and stylish look. Because leather offers you good protection for cold weather and wind, the jackets are perfect to wear as an intermediate jacket. The jackets have a slightly tailored fit. And sheep leather is extremely soft and flexible. Giving you a modern look and high comfort.

In addition to brown leather jackets, Vanguard also offers dark grey leather jackets. The dark grey color is stylish and endless to combine. For example, combine a grey leather jacket from Vanguard with jeans, a light sweater, and sturdy boots.

The leather jackets feature luxurious details such as several zipped pockets, press-stud pockets, and adjustable straps. All Vanguard leather jackets are also equipped with inner pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my leather jacket?
You keep your leather jacket supple by occasionally greasing it or spraying it with ‘leather spray’.
How to dry a wet leather jacket?
Leather is a strong material, but you have to be careful with moisture. If your leather jacket has gotten wet, it is best to let it dry on a clothes hanger and at room temperature.

Other great leather jacket manufacterers are PME Legend with their bomberjacket and Milestone with their sportive leather biker jacket.

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