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PME Legend Cardigan Dark Blue
fast delivery, customer-friendly, good quality and excellent fit
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PME Legend Cardigan Dark Green
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Buy PME Legend Cardigans online

Historically, a cardigan was one of the clothing items for the British army. Later the cardigan became a popular and practical item among men. PME legend cardigans hold on to the practicality and style of this versatile piece of clothing.

How to style a PME legend outdoor Cardigan?

To style a PME-legend outdoor cardigan, you need to consider the following:

  • occasion
  • the rest of your outfit

Distinctive about a cardigan is that it opens in the front instead of pulling it over the head, making the outdoor cardigan a multi-functional item. You can wear it open or close, the same way as if you would wear a jacket. Outdoor cardigans will cover your torso but have a casual look, the same as a jacket. Cardigans from PME lagend have a little taper at the waist, which will flatter your figure the same way as your suit coat would do. At the same time, the fabric ensures a soft touch and casual look. If you wear a cardigan closed, it will give you a firm and masculine look while experiencing a regular sweater’s comfort.

Not to forget PME legend cardigans are outstanding for wearing as an outer layer, same ways as if you would wear a jacket. Shortly said you can wear a PME legend cardigan as an underlayer item or just like an outer layer. It’s the most practical item in a men’s wardrobe. Cardigan is a “three-season” type of garment useful under many weather conditions. Only in the hot summer days, it would be additional but not necessary.

Under the warmer weather conditions, you can wear it as a jacket, but it would be a warm and cozy underlayer when the temperature drops down. PME legend cardigans are looser than a sports jacket or colbert. It’s amazing to wear on-the-go. You can easily put it in the car or a backpack. But it’s also spacious enough to wear over a flannel work shirt and slim enough to wear it under your blazer or a coat. A PME legend cardigan should have the fit that flatters your body, a bit narrow at the rib cage, and widens back at the hip line. It should give you the look of a nice blazer but with a sweater’s casual, comfortable fit also perfect in combination with a nice pair of jeans.

The keynotes to personalize your PME legend cardigan are:

You should feel comfortable but not saggy. This means the shoulders would be on your shoulder line en not lower. If the shoulder line reaches your bicep -it’s too big. The bottom hem of a cardigan can be as low as your hips but not lower as your buttocks.

The construction of the cardigan is essential. See the garments it’s made off, this also identify the fit of cardigan. Anything stretchy would be good to wear with the long sleeve shirt.

Easy to match with anything in your wardrobe. You surely don’t want to buy something that you already have or an item that would not match anything in your wardrobe. The colors of PME-legend collection are more earthly and fit perfectly with any wardrobe. Brighter colors are more catchy but less flexible. Think about what you need for your wardrobe, a more basic addition, or a more catchy item.

For storing your cardigan, it’s essential not to hang it. By hanging your cardigan, you are stretching it fibers and making the cardigan’s fit looser. PME Legend is known for the iconic airplane parts on the clothing. The same goes for PME-Legend men’s cardigans.

PME Legend Cardigans at Suitable store

Suitable has various cardigans from the PME Legend brand in their collection. The cardigans are available in dark blue and dark green. These are basic colors that can be combined with almost everything. The PME legend logo on the cardigans gives the cardigan a tough look. Furthermore, some PME cardigans have a black zipper, which provides a nice contrast. PME Legend cardigans at Suitable Suitable has a wide range of PME Legend collection items, including cardigans. Order your PME Legend collection online.

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