-  Wednesday, 8 July  |  Carmen
Garage Stretch Basic White V-Neck
very nice quality; thick sturdy fabric, which stays beautiful after washing; nicely fitted; fits well.
  Good that everything is to your liking!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Good quality fabric nicely fitted
 -  Tuesday, 6 November  |  J
Garage Stretch Basic White O-Neck
well organised
  Good to hear that you are satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Buy Garage T-Shirt Bodyfit online


The t shirts are available in different versions, we offer wide O-neck, deep V-neck, O-neck and V-neck in our collection. This combined with different sizes from size S to size XXL. The t shirts are available in the colors; gray, navy, white and black, the ideals color like a basic, indispensable in your wardrobe.


You can easily use the t-shirts under a shirt or sweater. As an undershirt it offers extra warmth and comfort. The t shirt also prevents sweat stains and bad smells in your sweaters and shirts, ideal! It is important that the shirt fits well to your body for the best result. With a non-connectable T-Shirt it is faster that you can see it through your shirt, this is of course not the intention and ensures an unkempt appearance.


The fit of the garage t shirt is body-fit, which means that the t shirts have a very slim and fitted cut, they fit tightly around the body. The t shirts are suitable for men with a slim build. The fit can be compared with a skinny-fit and a super slim-fit.
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