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Dstrezzed Polo Shirt Graphic Pique Dark Green
Nice neat shirt, only the sleeves are a bit tight, perhaps because of the cuffs
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  • Nice fabric
  • Neat model
  • Sleeve cuffs

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Leisure clothing was introduced for the first time in the 1950s. It gave the gentlemen a sense of nonchalance and sophistication. And exactly these 2 keywords are the inspiration for Dstrezzed's contemporary collection. Add to that the new feeling of de-stressing and you have the perfect ingredients for a successful menswear brand.

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Dstrezzed 's goal is to provide the modern man with clothing that combines traditional menswear techniques with a modern twist and original details. This is reflected in every Dstrezzed sweater, Dstrezzed sweater and Dstrezzed pullover. Wear these garments and you are the center of every situation. With Dstrezzed men's clothing you look like the perfect gentleman who always remains casual cool regardless of the situation. Thanks to the high quality, you get value for money with Dstrezzed sweaters. A true tribute to the gentlemen of the past and a welcome to the modern man who enjoys all the beautiful things in life. The Dstrezzed sweaters have a comfortable fit and can be endlessly combined with other garments from the Dstrezzed collection.

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Dstrezzed is aware that the right combination of beauty and functionality is the must-have for every man's wardrobe. This results in durable clothing with a vintage look, made from high-quality fabrics. Thanks to the use of neutral colors, you can endlessly combine shirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets and sweaters with the collection of Dstrezzed. Convinced? Shop your Dstrezzed look online now at
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