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Comfortable, soft boxer shorts

The Calvin Klein underpants have a classic, comfortable fit and are made of 95% soft cotton and 5% elastane (stretch). But in addition to the wearing comfort and good quality, the elastic band with the iconic logo is a recognizable aspect of the Calvin Klein men's boxer.

Choose your favorite 3-pack

Various basic colors of Calvin Klein underwear for men are available: black, white, gray, red and dark blue. Shop an affordable 3-pack of Calvin Klein underwear for men; white, all black or a combination of three different colors.

Shop your Calvin Klein boxer here, at Suitable choice of Calvin Klein boxers for men in sizes S to XL.

American rappers

American designer Calvin Klein was the first to give underwear designer status. He is the inventor of the iconic logo waistband that made Calvin Klein underpants so famous. In the early 1980s it was a complete revolution. Especially when American rappers started showing off their Calvin Klein underwear by visibly wearing the branded waistband under their sagging pants. This trend soon became mainstream.

Justin Bieber

Calvin Klein 's daring ad campaigns took that a step further. A muscular Mark Wahlberg wearing only Calvin Klein boxer shorts grabbed billboard high in his own crotch. That caused quite a stir at the time. Everyone had to Calvin Klein Boxer shorts and voila, the men's underpants suddenly became a status symbol. A few years ago, that high-profile advertising campaign was rerun again, but then with Justin Bieber in the lead. With accompanying social media coverage #mycalvins.

Wonderfully comfortable

The fact that men love to wear underwear from Calvin Klein is not only due to a clever advertising campaign. Calvin Klein underpants are also simply wonderfully comfortable and are made of high-quality materials. Nowadays microfiber is often used in it, which further increases wearing comfort. White is still completely hip, but now your Calvins are also available in various stylish colors, designs and models. Of course always finished with the iconic logo waistband.

The benefits of calvin klein underwear men:
  • made from high quality materials
  • super soft wearing comfort
  • iconic waistband with logo
  • 3 different models: low rise trunk, trunk and boxer brief
  • shape and colourfast
  • great fit
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