-  Tuesday, 21 June  |  Geerten
Seidensticker Splendesto Black White Striped
Very nice shirt, exactly in the shape and with the details as I like to wear them. Seidensticker shirts are very nice and solidly finished. Generous, excellent fit, just like a shirt should be - never tight, but blouse.
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  • Fit
  • Finish
  • Delivery
 -  Saturday, 5 December  |  Koen
Profuomo Shirt Light Blue Striped
Definitely my best shirt and at the same time not even one of my most expensive. The shape is perfect, it also stays nicely in your pants and does not crease easily.
  Nice to hear Koen that you like this shirt so much! Quality and a good price can go hand in hand. See you next time!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Form
  • Does not crease easily
  • Great price / quality
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This season we are investing in a fashionable outing. Lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally: stripes will conquer your wardrobe this season. Wide, narrow, skewed, black, colored, white… Stripes never go out of style, but if you look at the clothing trends of this spring and summer, the stripe trend seems to be getting bigger than ever.
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