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Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Jørgen Mørup started this Danish brand together with his father in 1969, and from the start, this company was focused on making clothes with sustainable principles. His father was ahead of his time, wanting to produce and manufacture clothes in a responsible way. He tried to Acknowledge the cotton farmers and the people working in the textile factories, taking their responsibility for the environment. Knowledge Cotton Apparel knows that good quality takes time, and that reflects in the products. They are constantly developing and improving what they do, so they can make a difference. Nowadays, consumer behavior has changed. More people are turning their backs on mass-produced, low-quality, and low-priced goods. They are looking for more sustainable clothes that are made responsibly. Knowledge Cotton Apparel wants to uphold this way of thinking and strives for equality, justice, and respect. Because we all share a common responsibility for the future, and together we can make a difference.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel Headgear

A Hat or cap is a head covering worn for different occasions or as protection against various types of weather. A cap is usually worn on casual or informal events and during sports. It is originally designed to protect you from the sun and warmth. That is why the caps of KnowledgeCotton have small holes on the top of the cap. These holes ensure ventilation on warmer days. The visor is made to block the sunlight from the eyes. The Pacific caps of Knowledge Cotton Apparel are made of 100% Organic Cotton and available in three different colors, Navy, Green, and White. Each hat has a stitched logo and is adjustable by a strap at the backside of the cap.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to combine the caps:
The Whitecap of Knowledge Cotton Apparel is easy to combine with any casual outfit while wearing white sneakers. The white color will help you block the heat and sun. You could wear jeans and a colorful polo with short sleeves. The navy-colored cap is combined best when you wear darker colors. It will give you a more serious and sophisticated look. You could combine this also with a darker shirt and chino. The green cap is easy to combine with earth colors like brown, beige, or khaki. When you wear shorts and a casual t-shirt, this is a nice combination while spending a day at a park or while taking a walk in nature.
How do I know my size:
The caps of Knowledge Cotton Apparel have a Velcro strap on the back. We recommend opening the strap completely and adjusting the size with the velcro strap while wearing the cap. Don't wear your cap too tight because you might end up with a headache at the end of the day. But also no too loose because you can lose your cap when there is too much wind.
How to clean the cap: Because of its 100% organic cotton, you may wash the cap in a washing machine, but make sure you don't wash it at high temperatures. When you wash it in the washing machine, make sure that the rest of the items are of the same color. If you wash it too frequently, the cap will lose its form. So try to wash the cap by hand. You can use a bit of soap with a cloth, clean the stains, and then rise it with a lot of clean water.

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