Rain Suits

Rain suits : for those who want to run in the points during a round of golf, for example, it is necessary to end the round dry. Golf rain suit from Tenson for men is a good choice to wear during a rainy golf day. 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement. Detachable hood. Pants have preformed knees, the bottom of the trouser leg is fitted with Velcro and zipper to facilitate entry. Wind, waterproof and breathable.

Rain gear

Rainwear literally means clothing that protects you from the rain. It is very important to know that the qualities can differ very much, and that this is often related to the price and the brand. Tenson is an outdoor clothing brand. They are very experienced when it comes to developing their own technologies and materials. And especially with making waterproof and breathable materials. Such as MPC and MPC Extreme.

Tenson rain suits

You can opt for a raincoat. But within the range of Tenson they offer complete rain suits. This is ideal if you often cycle, walk outside a lot or stand by the football field every weekend. Tenson has taken into account the freedom of movement that the man may need when wearing a rain suit. The suit consists of a mix of polyester and elastane. This ensures flexibility in the raincoat, as well as in the rain pants. And in addition to this practical aspect, Tenson also provides an assortment in which you can choose from different colors. Tenson fit The rainsuit of Tenson has adjustable sleeves, this is ideal for determining good length and also to have no wind under your suit. The rain pants have an elastic waist to keep the rain pants in place. You can remove the hood in such a way that you cannot see that it normally has a hood attached to it. This has been carefully eliminated.

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